Monday, 17 February 2014

Happy to be ....

Its not that we started upcycling or recycling art now. We are doing this for last 4 to 5 years. I still remember the first prayer mat I made for my daughter from newspaper. I loved what I made. Everyone appreciated. ...but appreciation without criticism ummmm no no no.
There is always that section of people which says....well but when we can buy brand new product. .. why should we pay for recycled products? Nothing can be done with them. They change only with time.
I am happy today to see the changes and responses to many of them who subtly criticised the idea.

Hey all the concept. 
Buy recycled product or learn how to recycle.  We can help you. 

Snehaali my sister and myself are now trying to share this art in Pune and Bahrain. 
Few pictures where we proudly display our products. 

Call us to buy or to learn recycling art.
Cheers guys happy recycling. ...
Vrushali 0097338339227
Snehaali 00919371009130

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