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Upcycling or Recycling is being done from ages by our grandparents and parents. Today the bar has been set higher. We now look forward to upcycle things from less bad to more good. Before directly jumping let us first understand what the word ‘UPCYCLING ART’ means. The art of transforming objects considered as unwanted, or waste are made more sustainable, useful and beautiful, can be called as ‘UPCYCLING ART’. Some scientific measures could and should be used to upcycle waste. It is a wonderful notion to believe that our pursuits towards sustainability are grounded in science.
The correct use of laws of science helps us to enhance the value of the material through upcycing or recycling. We therefore transform something cheap to something valuable.
Role of The Green Scene.
At The Green Scene Recycled Art, we focus on the correct use of science on certain waste. We help to try and change the perception towards waste. To convert simple plastic bottle into a set of jewellery or a flower vase or a bowl or an organizer, it depends what you need it for. We at The Green Scene believe that whatever you imagine out of that waste is what you can create. As the line goes ‘imagination that is your creation’
We conduct face to face as well as online sessions to teach the scientific techniques to convert waste into useful item. We share with you the techniques and hope you will frequently use them to keep creating new things.

Type of Class
Date From
Date to
Pune Classroom workshop
Newspaper Weaving
28th June
29th June & 5th June
Pune Classroom workshop
Upcycilng Art
5th & 6th July

Online Class (twice a week)
Upcycling Art
4th June

Online Class (twice a week)
Upcycling Art
11th June

Online Class
Newspaper tWeaving
5th July
(batch full)

Online Class
Newspaper weaving
18th July
Batch full

Online Class
Newspaper weaving
3rd August
batch full

Online Class
Newspaper weaving
18th August
3 places remaining

Online classes are conducted through whatsapp, email and with skype for all live demos.
The session focuses on non biodegradable wastes like the plastic jars, bottles, spoons also glass, cd etc.We begin with what you pick up to upcycle and start the project. As mentioned different scientific techniques are shared through video and pictures.
You also will know how to create your own decoration items, eg. Flowers from different things, lace kind of a structure, and much more. We also incorporate unwanted imitation jewellery to decorate the art pieces.  
For the online classes we shall be talking to each other many times till you finish your project. Every week we focus on 2 projects,
The basic set of tools for the online classes is shown to you through a picture which can be kept ready, most of them are always there with us as home.
If you wish to go ahead we will conduct a trial session which is a free session. It helps to give you an idea of how the entire session will go. (only  5 participants at a time)
Fees / Payment :
The fees for the Upcycled Art online classes is Rs.  1750 for all 5 sessions.
The newspaper weaving classes is Rs. 2000 for all 4 sessions. (total 6 projects done including stick making)
Lampshade Making 4 sessions Rs.1500 for all 4 sessions
For online classes the fees is deposited in the bank account when you decide to go ahead. The details of the account will be shared with you..
For classroom workshop the charges are
Newspaper weaving - Rs.1500
Lampshade making - Rs.2500
Upcycling - Rs. 1500
Contact Details
You will be given all available contacts to get in touch.
For Classroom workshops in Pune for May batches contact Snehaali on 9371009130
For online classes email me on or
 add my whatapp number 0097337728960 (Bahrain number). ( I am always available on whatapp)
You can also add my Bahrain contact number 0097338339227 – This number is available for all other chats apart from whatapp.
We look forward to talk to you soon.
Let all of us do our share.   
Vrushali / Snehaali


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